How to add or reduce hours on a complete job

Sometime it is hard to determine the time it will take for a cleaner to finish cleaning.  Factors such as square foot, messy property, and speed of the cleaners cannot be quantified in your estimate. Some cases require more time, and others require less time. 

Here are the steps to follow when adding or reducing a cleaner’s hours on a complete Job.

1. On the “Bookings” , Tap on “COMPLETED” and and tap on the button “Hours”

2. Slide left or right to add additional mins. Negative mins mean you are reducing time and Positive mins means you are adding time.

3. Tap the “Pay + ” or “Refund -” button to update the time.

Important Note: 
1. You cannot refund jobs that are less than 2hrs for home cleaning, and 1.5hrs for short-term rental and office  

2. The cleaner will be notified right away when you add on or reduce their time so you avoid any awkward conversation.

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