How to Create a Team or Add a Team Member

Creating a Team gives you control over permissions by property or service providers makes it extremely easy to create a team after our team has approved you.

Follow these steps to create a team and add team members.

  • Click on Account and Select “Teams”
  • Click the “+” button at the top right corner of your mobile app
  • Enter the team name. It can be a company name, team name or location name. Then enter a description and choose if you want to use the Marketplace or SaaS model*. Then click “Create Team.”
  • After creating the team, you click on the “>” as seen below, and you can start inviting your team members.
  • Start adding a team member and setting permission** based on the access. Enter their email and select their permission type.
  • The team will receive an email to accept before accessing your account.

* Marketplace is when you want to use Cleanster’s verified cleaners, and SaaS is if you want to bring your own cleaners

** Permissions are broken down as follows :
1. Owner: This user has the ability to do everything as the primary user and can also delete other owners
2. Admin: Admin can do everything as the owner except delete another owner
3. Support: Support can do everything as the admin but is restricted to non-transactional activities such as payment.
4. View only: These are users only allowed to view activities of the account
5. Cleaner: This is for inviting your own cleaners

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