What is an Assessment

Assessment is the on-field vetting process that helps us understand your level of cleaning on-site and review your ability to provide quality. Picture it as an interview process in our KYC (Know your customer) process.

Your assessor will vet your cleaning experience and presentation and certify you as ready. We pay you a 1hr per diem or expenses to show up for the assessment, which will be paid after your 4th job.

You will be required to stay longer if you do not meet your assessor’s certification. Your assessor is also a pro on the app with a greater app experience.

They will show you things like :

  • How to use the cleaner app
  • How to claim a job
  • How to report a problem
  • How to message the client
  • How to leave a voice memo
  • When to expect a payout
  • Perks of becoming a super cleanster
  • How to translate conversation, checklist and notes to your native device language
  • How to review client staging photos and present the property
  • How to spot places that need cleaning
  • How to speed clean
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