How to add your team

  • After creating the team, you click on the “>” as seen below, and you can start inviting your team members. 
  • Start adding a team member and setting permission** based on the access. Enter their email and select their permission type.
  • The team will receive an email to accept before accessing your account. 

Marketplace is when you want to use Cleanster’s verified cleaners, and SaaS is if you want to bring your own cleaners 

** Permissions are broken down as follows : 
1. Owner: This user has the ability to do everything as the primary user and can also delete other owners 
2. Admin: Admin can do everything as the owner except delete another owner
3. Support: Support can do everything as the admin but is restricted to non-transactional activities such as payment.
4. View only: These are users only allowed to view activities of the account
5. Cleaner: This is for inviting your own cleaners

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